The Farnsworth Invention: Fact -v- Fiction

This web site is dedicated to separating the drama of Broadway (and someday Hollywood?) from the facts of history as it pertains to the life of

Philo T. Farnsworth
The Inventor of (Electronic) Television

(like there was ever any other kind?)

Disclaimer #1: This web site is in no way affiliated with the original Broadway production of The Farnsworth Invention  or any of the several regional theater productions that have been staged since the play first opened on Broadway in 2007.  I just happened to beat the producers to registering the domain.

Disclaimer #2: Spoiler alert: This web site offers a scene-by-scene analysis of the play -v- the actual history. If you are planning to see the play, you might want to wait until after you've seen it to peruse the material here. If you've already seen the play, or you don't think you ever will, well, then...

c'mon in...

...or jump straight to the part in Act II where the wheels come off....

The Farnsworth Invention was first presented at the Music Box Theater on 45th Street in New York City in October, 2007

Why is this website even here?

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